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"See My Sedona" Resort Vacation for Two!
Includes two free nights stay for two people and $150 credit for spa and restaurant.

Sedona Snow
Photo by Terri Marie

Sedona, Arizona is a destination unlike any other. With its powerful energy and unmatched beauty, it is a location you have to see in person in order to experience its majesty. In the heart of this spectacular place lies the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa, a luxury Sedona hotel with distinctive Mediterranean design, creating an ambiance that is unique to the Southwest United States. Slumber atop Simmons Super Plush Pillow top mattresses and enjoy the softness of lambs-wool throw blankets. Feast upon modern cuisine and delicious comfort foods at REDS Restaurant. Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body at our luxurious Sedona Spa.

Sedona Hotel

The New York Times says Sedona Rouge Hotel
& Spa is "one of the most distinctive
luxury hotels in Sedona."

Sedona Spa

BONUS: A World Famous Pink Jeep Tour for Two

Pink Jeep Tour

SEE SEDONA LIKE NEVER BEFORE! For over 50 years, Pink Jeep Tours has been providing the most talked about off-road adventures in the Southwest. Our award-winning excursions are known as the premier "must-do" tours in Sedona, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada . The spectacular Broken Arrow, Ancient Ruin, Grand Canyon, and Valley of Fire tours take you places you may have never imagined existed. Whether you're seeking rugged adventure, Native American history and culture, nature, geology, or panoramic vistas, Pink Jeep Tours has the right tour for you. So sit back and enjoy the ride! www.pinkjeep.com

Prize 2

"The Lovers" 8" X 10" - An Amazing Piece of Original Native American Art From Taos Pueblo.
Estimated Value: $350.00

The Lovers - artwork

Painting Description: The Lovers of Life are waiting in expectation for a blessing from Mother Earth. They are also receiving their children from the stars. Mother Earth is carrying the colors of life and the stars in her body, while the Deer Dance is going across her body in the four directions, East, North, West and South.

Blue Spruce Standing Deer (Pba-Quen-Nee-e) is a Tiwa Indian artist and Musician. He was born and raised at Taos Pueblo in Northern New Mexico. Through his painting and music he seeks to express the living essence of his Tiwa people. Although this tradition is very ancient, Standing Deer brings it to life in a highly individual and contemporary style. Blue Spruce Standing Deer's father was an adopted grandson of Tony Lujan the Taos Pueblo native who was one of the first tribal members to marry an Anglo American. However, his wife, Mabel Dodge Luhan was a famous patroness of the Arts who brought many of the most famous artists, writers and cultural icons of her day to Taos with the hope that in introducing them to this sacred land they would influence the outside world to preserve and promote its values and unique culture. Because he grew up in this household as well as the Pueblo and small village of Taos, Standing Deer was steeped in both the traditional Tiwa world and the cosmopolitan world of art and literature. 

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